Crysalix 3D Consultation

When deciding to embark on surgery, guidance from your surgeon and reviewing their before & after photos can greatly aid you in the decision-making process. Mr Juling Ong now also provides his patients with Crisalix, state-of-the-art technology that creates a 3D model of your face, breasts or body, and stimulates potential post-surgery results. Mr Ong offers Crisalix 3D imaging at no additional cost as part of the consultation.

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1. Get scanned by Mr Juling Ong or start the process from home

To generate the 3D simulation, you can either be scanned during your consultation with Mr Juling Ong or you can start at home by uploading three photos of yourself and modify them and then discuss what you would like to achieve with Juling during your consultation.

2. Visualise 3D

In a matter of seconds, your 3D simulation will be generated and you will be able to make the amendments to your body, breasts or face that you desire.

3. Access 3D Remotely

After your consultation with Mr Juling Ong, he can give you access so that you can view your 3D directly from home or on your mobile device for up to 60 days.