Blepharoplasty Surgery London

Although Donald Trump doesn’t seem to believe in the efficacy of face masks, the majority of us are happily donning a mask to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. One unexpected side effect of this pandemic preventative measure is that it’s putting all the focus on the upper face and making many of us more […]

Male facelift London

It has long been understood that women who undergo facial rejuvenation surgery experience benefits in the way that they are perceived by others. And now a recent study has shown that men are also perceived to be more likeable – as well as more attractive – after undergoing various facial rejuvenation procedures. How did the […]

what is plagiocephaly

I am often asked about a condition called plagiocephaly which affects many babies and is a real concern for parents. Here are some of the questions that I am asked in clinic, which may be useful for parents who think their baby may have a ‘flat head’ also known as deformational plagiocephaly. What is plagiocephaly? […]

Haemangioma treatment

A haemangioma is also often called a Strawberry birthmark. It is one of the most common birthmarks and usually appears within the first few weeks of life. A haemangioma is actually a tumour of blood vessels which is not cancerous. They will typically grow quite rapidly over the first few months and so this is […]

dermoid cyst on children

One of the more common lumps I see in new patients is something called a dermoid cyst. Very often these are found near or underneath the outer part of the eyebrow and feel like a rubbery pea-shaped lump underneath the skin. These particular dermoid cysts are often called angular dermoids, or peri-orbital dermoids. They are […]

paediatric surgery planning Great Ormond Street Hospital

Consultant paediatric plastic surgeon, Mr Juling Ong was recently interviewed on the use of 3D-printed models when planning complex paediatric surgery cases. He focused on their use in the successful separation of craniopagus twins, Safa and Marwa which was carried at the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.