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What is Diastasis recti and how can it be treated?

Pregnancy and childbirth can be a wonderful, life-changing experience, but it can also result in a whole array of body changes that may be less welcome. As your body transforms to accommodate the growing baby, the rectus abdominis muscles separate and, for many women, it results in a weakening of the abdominal wall. Diastasis recti […]

Benefits of a blepharoplasty

It’s said that the eyes are the first to go and the most essential to fix when it comes to ageing. There are several factors why the eyes are more vulnerable to the ageing process: the skin is very thin, making it more prone to developing fine lines and becoming laxer. The delicate tissues below […]

How much younger will I look after my facelift?

The degree that the clock will be turned back is a frequently asked question about facial rejuvenation surgery and it can be challenging to quantify… until now. The concept of beauty and ageing is subjective and individual, so it can be difficult to say exactly how much younger you will look after a facelift, but […]

Patient expectations and cosmetic surgery

One of the UK’s leading independent plastic surgery organisations has recently launched a new psychology course, highlighting the importance of patient mental health in the cosmetic surgery journey. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), of which Mr Juling Ong is a member, is dedicated to advancing patient safety and has formulated a new […]

BAPRAS updates guidance on breast augmentation procedure

The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS), one of the UK’s leading independent plastic surgery associations, of which Mr Juling Ong is a member, have recently updated their advice for those considering breast augmentation surgery. Making an informed choice about any cosmetic surgery procedure is essential; although the internet can be an […]

Combining the functional and aesthetic in cosmetic surgery

Plastic surgery as a discipline has two components. Aesthetic or cosmetic plastic surgery aims to improve the appearance and is elective surgery in that it’s not deemed medically necessary. Although, often thanks to media coverage, many people’s understanding about plastic surgery ends there, the other aspect – reconstructive procedures – are the mainstay of a […]

Understanding the anatomy of the ageing face

Our understanding of facial ageing has evolved and for many years it was thought that the issue was wholly due to our skin succumbing to the effects of the gravity. And while it’s true there is a loss of skin elasticity and a weakening of the ligaments over time, the depletion of volume, particularly in […]

Why smoking could sabotage your cosmetic surgery

At the beginning of the year, the World Health Organisation launched a global campaign to support at least 100 million people to quit tobacco and last month marked World No Tobacco Day 2021. As part of their campaign, WHO released a publication entitled ‘More than 100 reasons to quit tobacco’. As well as covering the […]

New report highlights importance of doing your dermal filler research

More and more women and men are choosing dermal fillers for their subtle anti-ageing results or to enhance their facial features and while these treatments are deemed ‘minimally invasive’, a new report in The Times has highlighted the importance of doing your research. TV star Leslie Ash also recently spoke about her disastrous trout pout […]