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Juling Ong teaches cleft and craniofacial care surgery in Bangladesh

Earlier this year, Mr Juling Ong traveled to Dhaka to advance comprehensive cleft and craniofacial care in Bangladesh. He participated in a three-day conference with both international and Bangladeshi experts. In addition, Mr Ong held a clinic, seeing approximately 30 patients, before operating on selected complex cases which provided good teaching opportunities for both local […]

Juling Ong talks craniosynostosis with Top Doctors

Mr Juling Ong recently spoke to Top Doctors about craniosynostosis and answers a common FAQ: how do I know if my baby has craniosynostosis? Children born with craniosynostosis can experience problems with brain growth, head shape and facial function. Depending on the individual case, surgery could be needed. Paediatric plastic surgeon Mr Juling Ong provides […]

How long does a nose job take to heal?

The rhinoplasty remains one of our most requested cosmetic surgery procedures as the nose is the central feature of the face, so has a pivotal role in determining facial balance and overall appearance. One of the most frequently asked questions about the rhinoplasty procedure is how long it takes to heal. The first consideration is […]

How can you tell if your baby has tongue tie?

At birth, babies are screened for several congenital abnormalities during a routine physical assessment that is carried out within 72 hours of birth and then later at six to eight weeks of age, as some conditions may take a while to develop. Conditions they are assessed for include congenital hip dysplasia, heart murmurs, cataracts and […]

Mr Juling Ong certified as excellent by Top Doctors

Exemplary patient care is the foundation of our practice so Mr Juling Ong was delighted to be certified as excellent by the patient at Top Doctors, a leading independent healthcare review site in the UK. Call us on 020 7927 6528 to arrange a consultation to see more patient reviews or see before and afters […]

Facial implants, fat transfer or fillers

Whether you’ve always been dissatisfied with a facial feature, bothered by lack of symmetry, or started to notice ageing changes, there are several approaches to augmenting, reconstructing or rejuvenating the face. Facial fillers Dermal fillers are one of the most popular procedures worldwide for addressing ageing changes in the face, particularly for filling lines or […]

Is rhinoplasty painful?

If you have made the decision to undergo surgery to reshape your nose, it’s not surprising you may have several concerns alongside anticipation for the increased confidence you’ll feel once your facial features are brought into greater harmony and balance. A common question that patients ask is whether rhinoplasty is painful and what they should […]

Common liposuction misconceptions explored

Liposuction remains one of the most popular procedures in the UK, as a highly effective solution to unwanted fat deposits and it can be performed on the abdomen, hips, flanks, thighs, upper arms and even in the face, along the neck and under the chin. The internet can be a valuable resource on anything cosmetic […]

What’s normal? Your cosmetic surgery recovery explained

The recovery period is a crucial part of the cosmetic surgery journey and the correct advice can contribute significantly to the overall success of your procedure. Although there is much information available online on how best to prepare for your recovery, there are some aspects that you may not have taken into account. Mr Juling […]