Life-changing reconstructive surgery for severely disfigured children

Mr Juling Ong Humanitarian Work and Reconstructive Surgery

Facing the World is a children’s charity that provides reconstructive surgery to children in the developing world suffering from severe facial disfigurements. The occurrence of these defects is thought to be ten times higher in Vietnam that its neighbouring countries and many believe this is the result of the dioxins used in Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.

Mr Juling Ong has been involved in the work of Facing the World since 2008 and has been on three overseas missions to Vietnam. During these medical missions, Mr Ong and his fellow surgeons and doctors will operate on a wide range of facial deformities including craniomaxillofacial trauma, cleft lip and palate, vascular malformations and haemangiomas of the head and neck.

Their mission over the next five years is to establish a series of craniofacial centres in Vietnam, continue to train Vietnamese doctors and perform 40,000 life-changing operations

To find out more about the important and necessary work that Facing the World carries out, please go to their website and find out how you can support them.